“Our goal is to help you heal and thrive after narcissistic abuse.”


The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”

Matt 7:15 (NIV)

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing picture was a collaborative effort of Monica L. Peterson, Founder and CEO of the N.A.R.C. Center, Bishop A. Wayne Jones, Pastor of Embassy of Heaven, and artist Cory Lampkin who brought the idea to reality. The picture depicts a vicious wolf with blood dripping from its fangs, looking into a mirror wearing a sheep’s costume. It looks like a sheep and acts like a sheep but when its mask slips you see their real image. Who you are really dealing with is a dangerous predator on the prowl for prey. 

The wolf represents a narcissist whether male or female. A narcissist is a person who suffers from an underrecognized mental health issue running rampant today called narcissistic personally disorder (NPD). That means it is a part of their PERSONALITY. Personalities do not usually change. Narcissistic abuse is a form of domestic violence that deals with emotional and psychological abuse. Top 3 signs you have run into a narcissist: they have no empathy, they exploit others, and they are liar. 

At the N.A.R.C. Center we can help you recognize the narcissist, help you to build up your self- confidence so you can set healthy boundaries because that is why they chose you for abuse. You have been gaslighted for too long – you are not crazy. Narcissistic abuse does not look like physical abuse which you can see, we know the red flags – you are not alone. To find out more traits and tips contact the N.A.R.C. Center on social media at www.flowcode.com/page/narcrecoverydaily  or email narcabuserecovery247@gmail.com .


Monica L. Peterson, MBA, MDiv
Founder and CEO
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center

My Name is Monica L. Peterson, I have a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with an emphasis in Print Journalism. I also hold a Master of Business Administration; Master of Divinity degree and I am an ordained minister. 

The first time my abuser put his hands on me could have been my last time. Even with my education and experience, nothing prepared me for the most important lesson of my life that almost cost me my life. I suffered and overcame the psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of a narcissist. 

As a result of my healing, I started a nonprofit organization to bring awareness, education, and prevention of narcissistic abuse. Narcissistic abuse affects over 158 million people in the US alone.  At the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Center, we help women transform their lives from victims to victors by teaching them tools and skills to recognize the signs of toxic relationships, build self-confidence and set healthy boundaries. WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO NEEDS OUR HELP?     

Our Board Members are comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Tallis P. Brown

BS Chemistry, Published Author, Editor, Life-long Mentor, Certified Case Manager, Training Facilitator, Communications Specialist.

LaTonya Neely

BA, CSN, CDCES Wellness Coach, Green Living Expert, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Stress Management Coach, Community Activist, Author and Business Owner of Wellness Choice LLC

Debra Harper LeBlanc

Ph.D. Academic Dean of Liberal Arts
(Visual and Performing Arts/Communications and Foreign Language/
English and Reading/Education/Criminal Justice/
Social Sciences and Humanities Division
District Dean for Human Services and Addiction Studies at St. Louis Community College–Forest Park

Khaleelah Green

LPC Counselor/Clinical Case Manager with a degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and successful 15-year track record of Case Management and Social Work.
National Certified Counselor (NCC)
Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMPH)

Lori Jones

Certified Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist
Founder of MVP Coaching and Counseling Services

Maxine Curry

Nutritional Expert, Adult Education Instructor, and YMCA Fitness Instructor.